VLG.101 Skyclimber 

3 Year Certification: Safety and Applications Training

Join us Thursday, December 14th at Goedecke St. Louis for a 5.5 hour Skyclimber training.

Goedecke St. Louis, 812 East Taylor Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63147.  Class begins at 8:00am and training will go until 2:30pm in the Learning Center.  $250.00 per person, Lunch will be provided.  Upon completion of the class attendees will receive a 3 year photo ID card.

Learn the proper methods to safely use suspended access equipment. This comprehensive 1-day course mixes regulatory requirements with hands-on instruction, and includes presentations and demonstrations. Presentation is generic in nature which allows attendee to apply learned skills to other brands of suspended access equipment. The course materials are retained by the attendee, are presented in a 3 ring binder and include the following information: Proper set-up and use of Sky Climber® topside rigging equipment, platforms, work cages and bosun chairs. Wire rope specifications and their preparation for use. Personal fall arrest equipment requirements. OSHA, ANSI and UL regulations.

Attendees who successfully complete the course are issued Operator Identification Cards that are valid for 3 years. At the end of this period holders will be required to complete another course for renewal.

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