The MSP450 is a totally new manual steering, mechanical-drive riding trowel in the Allen Riding Trowel line-up. The new patent-pending torque converter clutch system, high horsepower, and low weight-to-horsepower ratio makes the new MSP450 a “torque monster” among four foot diameter mechanical drive riding trowels, providing ample torque for floating with pans as well as high speed for finishing. The raised operator platform and specially designed manual operating levers make the MSP450 one of the easiest steering manual machines on the market. . Serial ending in 4011. 433.9 Hours, Used, 2014.



The Husqvarna 4200 self-propelled dry-cutting gasoline saw has a low-noise enclosed design and is ideal for heavy-duty commercial, industrial and paving applications. The 4200 is designed for peak performance. Features include a 23 hp twin-cylinder gasoline engine, three-stage cyclonic air cleaner, oil cooler, full-pressure oil lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, mechanical fuel pump and oil alert light. Multiple blade widths can be used, allowing different joint widths and crack control simultaneously.




The D3522 Mixer-Pump is equipped with our D3522 2-inch hydraulic squeeze pump with infinitely variable speeds from 0-6 cubic yards per hour. It features a 9-cubic-foot capacity hydraulic spiral mixer with a hydraulic dump, a hydraulic agitator in the receiving hopper, and mounted on a high-speed, single-axle trailer with lights and electric braking package. The D3522 Concrete Mixer-Pump’s primary wear part is the rubber pumping tube that can be replaced in 20 minutes.
537 Hours. Used, 2007


Achieve greater efficiency when drilling on slab with the 210B-2 SRA. It’s equipped with two-gang drill system that operates simultaneously and are adjustable to drill every 12 to 36 inches on center. It also can be customized to meet wider spacing requirements. The 210B-2 SRA requires 200 cfm and fits within a 4-foot patch. It also can be configured for on-grade drilling. With its patented tri-steering system, the drill repositions quickly and moves easily.




The ChemGrout model CG-050 is a portable, skid mounted, air or hydraulic powered grout pump. The lightweight aluminum construction makes this model portable for hard to reach jobs. The holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the grout pump to provide a continuous pumping operation. The grout pump is a 2″ positive displacement, pulsating piston. This grout pump is available with either an air or hydraulic cylinder to power the pump. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance. 


Hooks to auxiliary hydraulics of forklift , Unloads 3/4 yd³ (.57 m³) in approx. 2 1/2 minutes Also delivers sand and dry materials , Unique swivel-base system allows workers to reach 17 ft. (5.2 m) of wall quickly without moving forklift  8 ft. (2.44 m) reinforced, collapsible dispensing hose standard , Crane bail option available , Removable auger allows for 15 minute clean up, Applications: marine/underwater, hollow metal filling, door frames, window frames, precast, machine base, undersealing, slab raising, and encasements.

$1,000 🔥



Powerful, reliable and durable Power Sprayer is the preferred tool for applying release agents, water-based sealants and curing compounds on concrete construction sites. The Model 7560XL is our most popular barrel mount power sprayer Contractors prefer this sprayer for seals and cures that contain up to 30% solids. Ensures your material is always well mixed and ready to spray.



The MAX RB655 Rebar Tier reduces tying time, by working 5 times faster than manual tying. With approximately 1 second per tie and a long-life Li-Ion battery, the RB655 gives you up to 920 ties per charge. Increase job productivity, while saving you time, money and injuries, such as carpal tunnel. Tie up to #9 x #8 rebar.



HBM Series high frequency / high cycle vibrator, 4 Head diameters 30mm (1 1/8) to 60mm (2 3/8) Standard hose lengths up to 60…. longer custom lengths are no problem, 50 Power cord standard on all units Sealed design for an easy cleanup, 13,800vpm UNDER LOAD 48 Volt, 3 Phase, 240Hz


$500 🔥



Offers a constant 12,000 vpm with low operator vibration Light-weight form factor requires little to no maintenance 49.2 feet of cable & 16.4 feet of flexible hose to give reach around worksite Built-in converter protects against shock, overload and over heating Plugs into standard single-phase (115v) wall socket and removes the need for special generators or inverters

$500 🔥

Wyco 992 Electric Concrete Vibrator
Includes 992 Electric Drive Motor,20′ Flex Core & Casing CK-9520, 2″ SquareSteel Head 750-LI





The Wyco 230 Volt High Cycle Vibrator is designed to be powered from any three-phase generator. The unit emphasizes a consistent speed output, allowing users to have uniform speeds throughout the form, regardless of the any load change. An optional Select Cycle converter box is available to adapt from single phase to three-phase power. Compatible with 230 Volt, 3-phase high cycle generators, Large head size for high volume areas, 25′ power cord, custom available, Maintains uniform speed/frequency under load, Square Head performance standard, Multi-speed capability when used with Select-Cycle converter box


Wyco’s 994 Electric Motor Vibrator builds on the legacy of the rugged and reliable 992A and 993 Series. With all the features you expect on the jobsite, the 994 is ready to tackle your toughest consolidation jobs. The 994 was designed to incorporate the latest features from the SureSpeed line, including a cast quick-disconnect, rugged molded motor enclosure, durable electrical switch and easy-to-service motor brushes. The 994 also meets the highest safety standards in the industry.





The Rebar Tier technology transformed the reinforcing steel industry by increasing worker efficiency, cutting operating costs for companies and reducing back and musculoskeletal injuries amongst reinforcing ironworkers.


Multiquip GloBug Paving Balloon Lite GB114BP
When versatility is needed for confined spaces choose the GB-114BP. Offered as a balloon (without a cart or mounting accessories) the user can create their own mounting system or use it as a replacement balloon for the GB113BC, GB114BC and GB114BS. Note: this unit uses externally mounted magnetic ballasts. 





Three models available for $200 or Best Offer! Parts Only! CST/Berger 56-DGT10 5 Second Tilt Sensor Digital Theodolite Transit Agatec Laser Level A410S Agatec GAT120 Site Laser Level

$100 or Best Offer



10.3oz Caulk Guns for use with 10-oz Cartridges
400 Total Available, May purchase individually @ $1.00 each


$1.00 Each!



HKM15CS Iskco Wood PeckersHKM15CS Iskco Wood Peckers

$50 or Best Offer

Used, St. Louis, 7 Available!
Used to help pour concrete in Fibertubes when casting concrete columns.  


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