Goedecke is the construction industry leader in providing innovative solutions to professional contractors for Concrete Forming, Structural Shoring, Scaffolding, Engineered Products, Rebar Fabrication, Access Equipment and Construction Equipment.


Credibility Seventy years of doing business with more than 20,000 customers.

Focus We are the Midwest leader for construction equipment and engineered products, and we are dedicated to the construction industry.

Geographical Coverage Not only do we have locations in St. Louis, MO, Columbia, MO, Springfield, MO, Kansas City, KS, Decatur, IL, Evansville, IN & Omaha, NE but our manufacturers are nationwide.

Commitment We at Goedecke are committed to improving our value to the construction industry in the Midwest.

Product of the Month


Site Work

For decades, Goedecke has stocked the most trusted brands in the industry for Division 2 requirements. From drain tile to silt fence, give us a call for fast and friendly customer service and/or recommendations. Our specialists are trained directly by manufacturers and are capable of quickly supplying data sheets, safety information and specifications. If a manufacturer visit is required at the jobsite, rest assured that Goedecke will involve its vendors to provide the best service and representation. Each brand Goedecke distributes is carefully evaluated to ensure the highest quality products are available. If you are looking for an equivalent product to submit for specification approval we can help! Because of our relationship with the design community it’s not out of the ordinary for architects and engineers to rely on Goedecke personnel for recommendations.



Since the 1950’s Goedecke has been on the forefront of providing the highest quality concrete formwork and shoring designs and equipment. Our fleet includes thousands of panels of various sizes and systems. Every location is stocked so you can depend on Goedecke for your project to start on time. We also make sure that each location is stocked with all the accessories that you’ll need, even if you own your own system . Of course, designing the project is the first step. Goedecke’s drafting department has over 100 combined years experience in concrete forming, scaffolding, shoring & tilt-up design layouts. Over the next few pages you will see the most popular systems in the industry.



For over 20 years, Goedecke has been a leading supplier of engineered products to Masonry Contractors. In the spring of 1991, Goedecke purchased M.F.G. Corporation adding highly recognized manufacturers of Masonry products to our diverse line of construction supplies. Our credibility with the industry’s top manufacturers of engineered construction products is built on our reputation for consistently delivering first class results to companies like yours. We understand your project needs are unique, so we approach developing solutions for each of them accordingly. Our customers have not only come to know us as their supplier, but also as a resource for information on major upcoming projects. We can typically acquire plans and specifications for you and furnish a pre-bid quotation of materials for bidding estimates. This kind of partnership with our customers has made us a leader in Masonry product distribution through out the Midwest.


Building Envelope

Goedecke provides innovative solutions for protecting the building envelope with sustainable, high performance products. We can provide time tested waterproofing solutions for below grade and above grade applications. To provide long-term energy efficiency for the building, we provide a wide range of durable, fully adhered air and vapor barriers. Goedecke also carries the best sealant product lines for our customers. All of our recommendations will be based on both lab and field-testing for compatibility and adhesion.


Division 9

For over 60 years Goedecke has been making a difference with our range of high performance industrial coatings and lining systems that provide a seamless, impermeable, abrasion-resistant barrier against water and chemicals. Goedecke is your one source for decorative, industrial, traffic and wall coatings. We can help you protect concrete, masonry and EIFS surfaces against the damaging effects of water, chemicals and abrasion.


Access Solutions

Do you have a tall building or structure that you need to access? Goedecke product managers and service technicians are able to provide solutions and the equipment that gets your craftsmen to the proper working height in a safe and efficient manner. When you think of access equipment, think Goedecke


Placing, Finishing & Cutting Equipment

Do you have a tall building or structure that you need to access? Goedecke product managers and service technicians are able to provide solutions and the equipment that gets your craftsmen to the proper working height in a safe and efficient manner. When you think of access equipment, think Goedecke.


Accessories / Parts

Goedecke is able to prevent equipment downtime by offering a complete parts department. We will answer your phone call with a live person and provide a solution to your problem.


Maintenance and Repair

With our team of service technicians, Goedecke is able to keep your equipment up and running. Whether we come to your jobsite or work in our service department, our technicians bring years of training and support expertise.

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Friday, June 15th, 2018 at 4:01am
The PowerMast can reach 200 feet and load up to 1500 lbs in weight with the twin mast. Can setup as free standing or tied to the structure.
Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at 1:31am
The PowerPole can help with access in tight spaces between buildings. Stop by our Kansas City branch on Monday to see the full demo of the products. @ReechCraftUSA https://t.co/6mw8I6jW1V vlgoedecke photo
Friday, June 8th, 2018 at 3:05am
A great demonstration of how quickly the PowerMast can be installed this morning at our St. Louis branch. The next demo is scheduled at our Columbia branch tomorrow morning if you are in the neighborhood. @ReechCraftUSA https://t.co/brPa1aIcW7
Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 at 12:29am
For a simple and portable access solution, check out the PowerMast by Reechcraft. https://t.co/V5nqKnIn4h https://t.co/cpJHKMkTxR vlgoedecke photo
Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 11:00pm
Parking Structures, Bridge Decks, Stamped Concrete, Flatwork, and Colored Concrete. Cure Shield is an excellent concrete curing agent, providing all of the benefits of a wet cure with added surface protection. https://t.co/PSQHnJGL9P
Monday, May 21st, 2018 at 11:53pm
Drycrete's Rebar Protector is an environmentally friendly long term solution to protect embedded steel in concrete structures. Visit https://t.co/PSQHnJGL9P to find out more! https://t.co/E5TQ71pjeS vlgoedecke photo


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